Fatty Alcohol Ethylene Oxide Condensates

Cosmetics & Personal Care Intermediate

Fatty Alcohol Ethylene Oxide Condensates

Alcohol ethoxylates are used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial settings. Because these compounds are surfactants, they can be used whenever oily substances come in contact with water or a surface. Ethoxylated alcohols can be used as detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, degreasers and emollients in many lines of commercially available products and industrial practices.

Product Name Chemical Name >Cas No. Melting Point Deg.C Appearance at 250C Active Content,% Saponification mg KOH/g Hydroxyl value mg KOH
VICORYL CS 20 Cetomacrogol - 1000 9004-95-9 38 - 42 White to Creamy Flakes Approx 100 1.0 max 40 - 52.5
VICORYL E WAX Cetomacrogol Wax 977069-99-0 47 - 53 White Approx 100 1.0 max 170 - 190

Product Application :
Functions : Dispersing agents, Emulsion stabiliser, Wetting agents,
skin care creams & lotions, Hair Care, Microemulsion gels,
antiperspirants, shaving products, Colour cosmetics, Sun care

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