Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol

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Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol

Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol Reagents is gaining popularity as a construction chemical attributed to the increasing requirement of high strength and excellent durability. Increase in metro rail projects, multi-story building, and other similar construction projects in developing as well as developed countries to uplift growth of Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol Reagents demand.

Product Name: Vicamol MPEG

Chemical Name: Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol (MPEG)

Product Description: MPEG is manufactured by reacting Ethylene Oxide (EO) and Methanol. MPEG is used mainly in the production of Polycarboxylate type (PCA) water reducing agent. MPEG normally reacts with Metha Acrylic Acid (MAA) through the esterification process and this generates a Macromer (MPEGMA). This Macromer is further reacted with MAA and other polymers and the final products are called PCA’s.

Product Name Appearance Colour, APHA Molecular Weight pH (5% aq) Moisture Content %
@ 25 Deg. C
VICAMOL MPEG 500 Clear Liquid 100 Max 475 - 525 4.50-7.50 0.50 max
VICAMOL MPEG 750 Paste 100 Max 700 - 800 5.50-7.50 0.50 max
VICAMOL MPEG 1000 Solid 100 Max 900 - 1100 5.50-7.50 0.50 max
VICAMOL MPEG 3000 Solid 100 Max 2850 - 3150 5.50-7.50 0.50 max
Product Application :

These are used in high speed railways, multistorey buildings, subways and other similar areas which require high strength and excellent durability.

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